Saltron Retro

Simple and efficient, generators work on the principle of electrolysis, and will break down the salt present in the water into chlorine and sodium.

› Power 110/220V

› Pool up to 20,000 gallons

› Programmable digital timer

› Clear cell housing for easy inspect cell for scalling

› Reverse polarity keeps cell clean and prevents scaling.

› LED indicator for easy salt level reference

› Commercial grade titanium cell plate

› Critical fault protection



› 1 year limited



› Easy to set-up and no installation or plumbing required

› Eco-friendly & low electricity uses

› Independent from the spa filter and pump system

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About Solaxx

Solaxx Inc. is committed to providing unique technologies based on our 30 year history in the pool and spa industry. We offer a range of solutions for automated water treatment and testing which is engineered to be user-friendly and eco-friendly with minimal installation if any. We want to make sure you don’t notice the chemicals in your water which is what chemical automation is all about! Balancing the chemicals will eliminate the eye and skin irritation, minimize chemical costs by adding chemicals with precision and only when necessary, and protect your pool equipment from corrosion caused when pH is allowed to swing in and out of balance. We want you to work less and enjoy the pool and spa experience!