Nirvana Heat Pump

In recent years, Nirvana designed a new generation of heat pumps that go beyond competitor products. The results of these efforts translate into a number of concrete advantages and winning choices for our clients.

Available models

  • › Superior low-temperature
  • › Energy efficiency and performance
  • › Lowest noise level on the market
  • › Easy installation and maintenance
  • › All weather durability and performance
  • › Functional, aesthetic design
  • › Exceptional warranty
  • › Thermostatic valve that releases the exact amount of Freon needed for optimal efficiency.
  • › Oversized corrosion resistant titanium heat exchanger for increased efficiency and longevity.
  • › Enlarged evaporator that provides greater efficiency, noise reduction and lower pressure.
  • › Dehydrator filter that protects against humidity.
  • › Ultra resistant fibreglass case that protects against UV rays and rusting.
  • › 5 years limited warranty.
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About Nirvana

Nirvana Heat Pump inc. is a manufacturing company that specializes in the conception, development and manufacturing of products that use thermodynamic technology including pool heat pumps. We work to develop long-lasting solutions with a single goal in mind: Meet the growing need for energy recovery systems in residential homes. 

Our manufacturing facility has the capacity and capability to produce our complete line of pool heat pump models. Our production layout maximizes pace and flow and allows for maximal output. The assembly line and inventory stocking areas are adjacent while a pre-production department is found near each production area.