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SIMA is primarily a community of entrepreneurs working in the field of pool and spa and they unite their resources while respecting the specific regional needs of independent owners. The success of SIMA group is largely due to the careful selection of products, competitive pricing, expertise and service to exceptional customer.

Our retail store is staffed by people with many years of experience, 10 years plus, and we offer our customers service and information second to none. 

The construction side of the business is staffed by people with 10 to 35 years of experience.  We have built or re-built almost every type of pool known.

We offer pools, spas, patio accessories, wood stoves, pellet stoves & hearth accessories for all different budgets: 

  • Aboveground Pools - Different sizes and styles available.
  • Onground Pools - Heavy construction with inground liners and equipment and is installed 50% above the ground surface.
  • Inground Patio Pools - Similar specifications to an onground pool but has a concrete bottom.  It is built flush with the ground grade and can have a deck or can accommodate a wood deck.  
  • Deluxe Inground - This is a turnkey project complete with diving specification capability and concrete decking, automatic chemical treatment, rough landscaping of the yard and of course all premium maintenance equipment.  

When you purchase a pool (with the exception of  Aboveground Pools), please be aware that the finished product is a Suntime pool.  We buy components from manufactures and suppliers that we feel have the best life expectancy and quality of any available and combine them with proven construction techniques that will provide you with a quality product that will last and cause and absolute minimum of stress.  

Please note that all warranties are with the manufacturer and not with Suntime Enterprises Ltd. 

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Our history

Created in 1991, SIMA was able to grow and become one of the biggest pool companies in Canada. Discover how we became to be and our founder's history.

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